Published Prose

“Always be a poet, even in prose.” 
― Charles Baudelaire

Village Vignettes, a series in Helter Skelter:
My explorations in rural Rajasthan, which was part of the field work I did for my Ph.D. 
  1. Jogi Lal Meena's Mittens [October 2011]
  2. Jaani's Pension [November 2011]
  3. An Officer's Apathy [January 2012]
  4. Opium for Dinner [February 2012]
  5. Happiness [March 2012]
  6. Harvest Season [May 2012]
  7. Romancing Rural Rajasthan [June 2012]

Mr. Bora shortlisted for the Wordweavers Short Story Competition [April 2012]
An outcome of an overnight stop at Tezpur, an evening alone, and a rather dilapidated hotel. 

Overkill, published in The Four Quarters Magazine [Pg 29, August 2012 issue]

A rather melodramatic piece of fiction, which, like every piece I write, is somehow influenced by real life.  

A Life Apart, a fictionalised true story in Reading Hour [September-October 2012 issue].
This story took a long time gestating within me. It follows Bhoori, the 'bhangin' and describes a day in her 'untouchable' life. Yes, Bhoori exists.   

'Rasmai ya Ramgarh', a non-fiction piece published as part of a book called Celebrating India.

My tribute to Rasmai, my ancestral village which to me is my Tara. If places were people, Rasmai would be my family. 

Book review of Looking for Alaska (John Green) on the Bookstall section of Mumbai Fast, an eclectic collection of prose, poetry and pictures about life on Mumbai's local trains.

An autobiography (!) of sorts in the ever stimulating The Mindful Word [January 2013]
What started as a self-conscious narration of 'my journey', ended up being a joyful reminiscing of how I have become what I am today.

Courting the Countryside, a series in Helter Skelter:
A column about my love affair with the Indian countryside.  
  1. Hiking up Hipti [December 2012]
  2. Rasmai ya Ramgarh [March 2013]
  3. Newbie in Nuker [April 2013]


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    how did you decide which page keeps the old comments and which one doesnt?

    1. Things have a way of deciding where to be, if only we allow them to.

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  2. just discovered the published sections. Already on the way to NYT & WSJ....

    keep walking.



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