01 August, 2017

Pillow Talk

Image credit: Miranda Tacchia

The last heaves of love
have been wrung out of you.
You watch, with breath gnarled and gouty,
each thought as it leaves
your flatulent mind.

Those naïve words sit listlessly.
They've forgotten what they meant.
And your heart thumps 
no rhythm, no song, no voice, no wish
lub dub lub dub, no skips, lub dub.

The memory of it all puzzles you these days.
Was it even there? Why? 
How did something so pale colour you so?
Wondrous, you shake it off — 
as a strange afternoon dream. 
Short. Deep. Too fantastic to be true.
And just like that,
the last whispers of love have been
scribbled out of you.

24 June, 2017


Photo credit: Steve McCurry

अरे अजब शहर है दिल्ली 
जहाँ धूल घूमे अलहड़ 
और औरत
है कैदी। 


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