31 December, 2016

To Another Year

Things on this blog have gone steadily downhill. Adulthood came and disrupted my readership. Marriage. Babies. The works. Working Life managed to dry out my Wondrous Fount of Creativity. So that instead of verse and voice, all I have to share is Blank Pages, Life Lessons, and Vitamin D Deficiencies. For a year that saw me take a Humongously Huge Step, it's time I look back before moving ahead. The year has been generous and brutal; stimulating and exacting; indulgent and confusing; but most of all, humbling as always.

And now is when I explain why (cryptically of course, 'cause that's how I roll):

  • To Sopho: Thanks for taking the Humongously Huge Step with me. I would've been too scared to take it all by myself! Some days, I feel like Calvin and Hobbes on that makeshift sled of theirs. Wheee...
  • To Family Folks: Another year of realising my words and music, body and thoughts, dreams and roots, are all from you. How terrifyingly beautiful!
  • To Bangalore: You've gone and done that thing when a place becomes a person to me. Damn.
  • To Rin: Soulmate extraordinaire, we carry on, leaping from one conversation to the next. How relieved I am to see distance and contexts haven't sharpened their knives on us. Yet. 
  • To Academia: Thank you for letting me publish those papers. Trust you to make me measure my mind with your foolish metrics. They don't matter and still...
  • To CPC: For forgiving, as only you could.
  • To ABB: For being a surprise teacher. From you I've learnt, we never stop going to class.  
  • To Books: Thank you, for letting me carry on our love affair. 
It's not been an easy year and its ravages show on my body, in my eyes, on my yellowing brittle soul. In my envy, and my broken smile. And yet, and yet, a bulleted list of thank yous, not one but two exquisite diaries to write in, a renewed urge to write and blog, and the thrilling and somewhat terrifying prospect of taking an Even More Humongous Step in the near future. How can I but look forward to the new year?! Happy New Year people! :-)

27 December, 2016

Dollars Colony to Bannerghatta Road

In cities,
I encounter
Incomplete stories.

A girl standing in a mint green sharara
Wearing makeup far beyond her years
Weeping inconsolably. In the breathless choking way of the young. 
And my shared taxi moves on
Another frame floats in front of my eyes.

A boy sits at a bus stand.
It is all steel and he sits exactly where the previous owner sat
The steel is warm and slightly forgiving there.
His legs dangle, the bench is too high for any Indian
Another copy paste
Of the West
His cloth sneakers are fashionable
His jeans hang sufficiently low
But neither his swagger
Nor the colourful laces hide 
The ripped soles
And broken zips.

There, I see a blue tempo
Full of three boys and two vacant-eyed men
They lean against the usual fare of migrants
A striped gadda rolled up, utensils,
a broken cooker, ragged bundles of clothes
Two phavda, every workman needs his tools after all.

Three girls take a selfie there
Near the man who sits on the footpath sellking helmets
shaded by a rainbow-coloured umbrella.

A government building decomposes 
in its own apathy
While the raintrees indulge with their canopy.
Shanthi Kitchen Slabs Works sits next to Bosch
Another new app is quietly announced
And the city flits past
contradictions marry cliches
As I close my eyes
to unsee the sounds
that drown me in an anonymous


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