23 May, 2016

Who am I today?

I spoke to no one today. Or yesterday. Or the day before that. And it was ok. I swept and swabbed today. My sweat flowed into a river of grime and I carried on, melting into the day. I watched a movie and washed my hair today. I watched a boy and girl sitting beside me snuggle up today. I smiled a them encouraging them a little further today. I walked past the shop that sells animals in little cages today. Two emaciated kittens lay sleeping, their fur matted and dirty. In the cage below, two puppies slept - thin in a way puppies shouldn't be, sleeping in a way only puppies can. I saw a man pick up used Pepsi bottles today. He opened each one and sipped the remains. And then I bought a pen that cost 75 rupees today. I saw potato wafers being fried in a massive kadhai of oil today. They simmered a golden yellow, glistening with what could clog my arteries one day. I ate a burger today. The pongamia tree showered its blossoms on the road today. I felt the little buds get crushed under my feet as I walked. I stared at screens a lot today. I remembered a time I used to write. And quill. And sing. And bake. I am not that girl today.  

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