11 January, 2013

Conversing with a Fox on a November Evening

Artwork by Robert Farkas

The lonely walk with an ache in their step.
They walk soundlessly. Fearful 
of having their nightmares retold to them.
November’s fingers edge up my neck as I pad along noiselessly –
a solitary shadow against the ebony sky.

Suddenly I stop. You stand transfixed in your tracks –
a fox as lonely as me.
Your orange fur bleeds colour into the night. Your ears twitch –
friend or foe? They seem to question.
Your nose, pointed and whiskered, is moist with anticipation.
I smile at your black feet – black –
the colour of stealth.   

We stand awhile, watching our loneliness 
mirrored in each other’s stance. We linger
in the uncertain warmth of our unexpected rendezvous
And for a moment,
 we, strangers on this solitary night,
are not so lonely.

The moment swells and bursts.
I watch as you slip away quietly into your darkness
And I into mine. 


  1. Interesting. Almost similar to the encounter with a dog that you mentioned in one of your 'letters'.

    1. Yes! It has a similar tone to it. But this encounter was more sombre than that one.

  2. Lovely imagery. You are turning out to quite a 'kavitri'.

  3. Anonymous6:46 pm

    we have all encountered the odd fox, but only you could strike a chord of shared loneliness and create this lyrical poem. says who? says shobha



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