29 August, 2012

Where I learn that it is fashionable to read Bukowski nowadays

I walk into a well-worn bookshop:
the kind with geriatric book-people
discussing obscure book-things
in those jaundiced book-voices;
laced with too much coffee
and drenched in puddles of yellowing lamplight.

I ask for Ham on Rye
"A second-hand copy please."
A deep weary breath and then 
"My dear, Dear," ol' Gerry says, clucking his tongue as if
I had said something quite unfashionable. 
"You'd have to have a pot of money 
to be able to afford a second-hand Bukowski."

Wide-eyed, I blink an unfashionable-blink,
give him an unfashionable-halfgrin,
and mutter insignificant nothings
in that unfashionable-mutter that comes with
drinking too much coffee
and being drenched in puddles of yellowing lamplight.

I then walk out 
with a shiny new
hideously bright 
white-paper-ink-fresh edition
of Henry Chinaski's sorry lifetale.

"...there is a loneliness in this world so great 
that you can see it in the slow movement of  
the hands of a clock.
people so tired 
either by love or no love..." 
 Excerpt from 'The Crunch' from Love is a Dog from Hell


  1. Anonymous9:20 am

    you know you once wrote to me "why is it so bad to be selfish? Why do 'have to' live for others in life, should I feel bad because I look out for myself". I think people live for others (family and friends) because it is an affirmation/ recognition we seek from life and it is reflective on how you and your actions are perceived by others. It definitely does not have to be to the "deal" maker or breaker. Hope you are doing well Bumbling bandar

  2. No points for guessing who I am!11:50 am

    So, you found another nice 2nd hand bookshop? :) Kahan pe?

    Btw, I found Slaughterhouse 5 in Edinburgh.. it's a surprisingly unavailable book! Also saw The Picture of Dorian Gray in play there! :) And in a couple of days, The importance of being earnest! Oh, didn't realize it was on your to-do-list as well. As your to-do-list buddy, you are welcome to my town/home any time to catch that!

  3. Bandar Boy: I still believe that it is mainly selfishness that drives our actions and what's more, that it is OK to be selfish. But selfishness is nothing, if not put in perspective by the presence of 'others'. Anyway, welcome :) I'm doing well.

    To-Do-List buddy: Glad you found it! Tell me how you find it (and no leaving things half-read). How were the plays?



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