10 August, 2012


Picture from: Can'trememberwhere

i've taken the bypass on humanity
it's the long road home

hop skotching 
from one time warp to the next 

i take it everyday

quick sharp little paces
along this meandering detour

where I find not 
a face I can lay claim to.

I'm reading two books at the same time:
yaa-haa, that is my idea of fun.

Vivekananda meets Murakami meets Boo-caw-skeee
a drunken sphaggetti bowl of meanderings.

on a great day, I eat some cherries
and bin the seeds out my window.

How far can I spit?

I down my wine water
and curl into a bubble. 

as the morning dew steams the window pane.

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