06 April, 2012

The Nightmare

lay putrefying on my pillow.  

I woke up
in a breathless hurry,
this heart weaving beats
in a crazed drunken stitch.
My eyes screamed
at replays of 
The Dream
stretched taught
against a canvas of terror.
Caught between fiction 
and fear, 
I wretchedly thirsted
for reality 
to get more real.
A binding silence
stitched my limbs to
my heavy sides
fetid fingers scratched
at my will. 
The sheets were drenched in salt,
a fever of sweat and tears.

I lifted a hand - rag puppet limp
and in a voice splintered by fear,
called out, "Name".
You walked in,
my Dandelion wish
I blew you into reality
and watched you
slowly sift through 
those threads of cacophony
cocooning me
into comfort.

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  1. You use the word 'fetid' often.

    1. It's cacophony I'm worried about.

  2. "It was just a dream".

    1. Why the quotes? I don't know why I didn't title it The (K)nightmare.

    2. (K)nightmare? Oh stop it, you.

      Hold on. I hope I didn't read the compliment wrong. I am always afraid of that happening.

      The quotes are meant to convey the impression that this particular line is being said aloud and has not just been written down.

      PS - You make me realise I will never understand poems.

    3. You read it right :)

      PS: Then I've failed. So much for my poetic prowess.

  3. I like the header on your blog. More so because you chose Alvy, crazy though he might be.



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