26 February, 2012


Image from Krisatomic

Perhaps I understand it
Perhaps I don't
Perhaps I hoarded all 
your subtleties 
to build an ark
for a rainy day like today.

Perhaps I tried,
but failed and
lost my tools along the way,
they drowned in 
our sea of suppositions
long before the ark took shape
long before I thought I'd need it. 

But is there not space
on your raft? 
the seas are so choppy
and I never learnt how to swim.

Someone once told me (and at that time it seemed like such a revelation!) that we barely understand ourselves, so trying to fathom (and perhaps empathise with?) what another is feeling, what is motivating someone else to act, can, at best, be a guided guess, at worst, a shot in the dark. I wish we all would accept this better and save ourselves so much anguish. For when it comes to the mushrooming mess of human feelings, everyone is just searching for the proverbial needle in that haystack, and every ounce of help counts. Reminds me of that scene in Waking Life where they talk of language. Oh the infinite possibilities of our perceptions of  the intangible mismatching!

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