17 September, 2011

YouTube your way to music (and laughter)

What would budding (and sometimes closet) musicians and comedians do if not for YouTube (yes, yes and Vimeo and what not)? Have you heard Jane Lui's version of Duck Tales (she's adorable at 00:42 and 00:54)? [Of course the Hindi version is more familiar and much loved : ) ] 

When in boredom, turn to acappella, something I can never seem to get enough of. Some songs it seems, are more accapella favourable than others (this valuable finding from my years of painstaking research through YouTube gleaning). Africa by Toto, Somewhere Over The Rainbow and Stand By Me being a few that pop up everywhere. Another one, The Lion Sleeps Tonight has been subjected to varying levels of accapella proficiency and the Straight No Chasers do, what I think, is a terrific job. I won't even start on The Blanks and their awesome version of the Scrubs soundtrack:

Another favourite is the UC Men's Octate, an all-male group at the University of California, Berkeley, famous for their terrific renditions of well-loved songs with a bit of goofy dancing thrown in. I'm choosing the Bohemian Rhapsody, just because, (need I spell it out?) its Freddie Mercury. And it reminds me that, for years, Scaramouch and mama mia were the only parts of the lyrics I knew.

And finally, how can I forget my secret devotion to beatboxing? In simple words, beatboxing is the art of percussion, with your mouth. For an introduction, sample Skiller, supposedly the fastest beatboxer in the world and he's just 18! What's almost better than Skiller? Bellatrix, the number one female beatboxer in the world known for beatboxing dubstep. Aaaah.

Justin Timberlake is one of the more 'famous' singers known for his beatboxing tricks. I'll end with my personal favourite, the hilarious Beardyman. Here he's accompanied by fellow Britisher, Flutebox 'Lee'.

Bzzz : )


  1. if its acapella that interests you, have a listen here http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bioYs6oAD8g

  2. Pandering to the masses, are we?

  3. Haru, Ya I remember seeing that before. Thanks :)

    Marvin: No, we are not.

  4. Conversely :P I've seen all of these before as well

  5. Aah and here I was thinking only I had seen them : )

  6. Why must beatboxers wear hoodies?

  7. (Modern) beatboxing finds its roots in hip hop. Hoodies too, have been associated with hip hop culture. Perhaps that's why? (I'm just guessing here).

  8. No, because they are both part of the so called 'underground'/B-sides music and hoodies/shadies etc are all what indicate the same roots.



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