10 August, 2011

Do you want what you need?

I see you,
a very small boy
lost and bewildered
in this fast approaching dusk, 
I see your tear-stained cheeks
as you're looking at 
the half melted ice cream
in your hand,
and the tales of sorrow it has left on your clothes. 
I cajole, offering you another one
"It's bigger, its tastier",
but you want none of it. 
you are not falling  for my postponed promises.
With your wails spent long ago,
you just whimper now.
For a moment I hold your hand and
you clutch onto it
in that heart wrenching manner  
only children can. 
Slowly you allow me to walk you 
to the ice cream vendor.

As we approach him, 
your steps become unsure
"Is this what I want?"
I look down to see your eyes
threatening a fresh flood
and I hold your hand a little tighter.
You panic, suddenly feeling trapped
and pulling your hand free, 
you run.
As fast as those little little feet
can take you. 

I look back after a while and 
see a small figure 
hiding behind a tree.
Leaning your face  
to its trunk,
you believe
no one else can
see you. 
I walk up to you,
to be run away from again
and gently tap your shoulder.
You turn, relieved to see a familiar face
and clutching the corner
of my dupatta,
let those grubby little fingers
leave their prints.
We walk away now
leaving the dusk and ice cream vendor
to their lives. 
You kick a stone, the tears forgotten. 


  1. This post reminds me of something I had written a long while ago.


    Of course, if it something worth discussing, you will discuss.

  2. Marvin: Yup after I'd written it I was remembering the same post of yours!

    Haru: You'll live :) [but it is so simple really!]

    Saransh: Thanks :)

  3. Simple, nice and reality......

  4. :)
    Well, that's all I can say..



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