23 July, 2011

WTF and other words

Even though I am one of those who feels self conscious while swearing, sometimes life hands you these WTF moments. When you find yourself in inexplicably prosaic situations, places you certainly don't want to be in, circumstances you created through random decisions of foolishness, crossroads you don't have a map away from, a limbo without a loophole, dead ends without beginnings. That's when I started some one-sided friendships with some lovely blogs. Care to glean through?

More of the brilliant WTF series here

"If a June night could talk, it would probably boast it invented romance." -- Bern Williams
  • And of course, more beauty from Tim.

19 July, 2011

Happy Father's Day

Photo credit: Jacinth

Hey Spike!
How did you know when to 
narrate delightful tales
of bloated men floating up to the ceiling,
and when to simplify Shakespeare
for my naive soul?

Hey Spike!
How did you find the strength to swim?
Against the tide, one arm tied, lithium soaked.
And just how did you know that
trinkets and bubblegum 
are a little girl's best friends?

Dear Spike
I am ashamed of deliberately 
tearing all those letters
that were my only lifeboats that long winter. 
Can we relegate that gruesome memory
To the foolishness of an impetuous child?

Hey Spike
How did you know
I wanted to be born an Arien?
How did you manage to set me straight
Even though I came out the wrong way?

Hey Spike!
How do you mix hilarity, exaggeration and love
so perfectly?
How do you sprinkle that
aura of extremes that become you so?

You, Spike
Are the strongest man I know.
The dearest wish I hold. 
And the biggest heart
I can lay claim to.


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