15 May, 2011

There She Goes

The Girl Who Walks Everywhere
The Girl Who Writes Everything. 

The Girl Who Loves Every Dog
The Girl Who Forgot How to Sing.

The Girl Who Says No Too Often
The Girl Who Dreams Every Night.

The Girl Who Loves Muffins
The Girl With the Questionable Height.

The Girl Who Devours Books
The Girl Who Will Write You a Letter.

The Girl With Coloured Pens
The Girl Who Won't Know How to Make You Better.

The Girl Who Knows How to Listen
The Girl With the Yellow Flowers.

The Girl Who Will Let You Be
The Girl Who Came From Mars.

The Girl Who Loves the Sun
The Girl Who Lives On a Postcard.

The Girl Who Will Always Be a Daughter 
The Girl Who Will Make it Hard.

The Girl With the Post-it Notes
The Girl With a Coffee Mug.

The Girl With a Silly Streak. 
The Girl Who Will Give You That Hug. 


  1. Abhijit2:54 am

    Where does she go?

    p.s. Its 5 ft! That's good for badminton (albeit for preparation and not so much for playing)! :)

  2. Good question. No answer. Yet.

    5 ft indeed :)

  3. This is the first time I am using this word in a good way.. a very good way.. Cute :)

    5ft? really?

    I can vouch for the badminton though :)

  4. She is not going alone I hope.

  5. I once asked her her height. She said 5 feet nothing.

    I once challenged her to a badmintion duel as well. She suggested something quite obscene. Wait, was it me?

    I once asked her where she was going. Nothing.

  6. ONLY Nive can vouch for badminton :P

    Prasoon: What's wrong with going alone actually?

    Marvin graces the blog! But corrections, she had accepted the challenge wholeheartedly. Obscenity was not in the picture.

  7. Abhijit2:49 am

    This is all getting too mysterious.. :-\

    Btw, how does one forget to sing?

  8. Someone was supposed to streak.

  9. Abhijit: With a memory like hers, you can forget anything. Its getting too mysterious for me also!

    Marvin: OK. Now I'm worried. There was streaking involved? What about bermudas?

  10. With your memory, the less said, the better. No offence meant. We all know how feisty you can get.

  11. You are Memory Uncle. Feisty! I'm keeping that word with me :)



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