12 April, 2011

Park Parody VII

The sun has a strange way of distorting time. It slows down the minutes into lazy warm swirls. Lazy. Warm. Swirls. Time then becomes a loop of dilly dallying seconds and unhurried hours. Lethargy assumes transcendental dimensions. I polish off a dollop of golden warmth greedily. A little girl skips in circles near the yellow flowers. Cotton clothes flutter in the lulling breeze. A worn out bench creaks in the shade. The grass sighs under me as I turn, burying my face into it. A memory fights to pierce my blissful blankness. An errant cloud passes over. The sun outshines itself, caressing me into pleasant slumber.    

Bliss was invented on a sunny day with puppies.


  1. Quit dull/unhappenning for a park

  2. Anonymous7:31 pm


  3. Haru: Spring sun makes things move at a very s l o w pace. Thus.

    Abhijit: Yes, Harris indeed :)

  4. Anonymous5:08 pm

    I wish it were the park I know. I wish it were the park you know as well.

  5. Hold onto that wish. I'm going to make it true!



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