04 January, 2011

On A Day Like Today or Question 23

Have you met me in one of those moods? Where I am a song without music? Acappella, so perfectly lyrical.  I'm a sunbeam on a holiday, with the wind for feet. On those days, if you join me, I'll dance to your heart beats and erase all that writing between the lines. I'll walk in circles and wonder why butterfly wings turn to powder. I will stand and stare, fiddling with a piece of paper. I'll be the face in the bus that waves out to you. I'll prance around the corners of our minds and shrug and carry on to nowhere. I'll slip into oblivion and burst forth in a rainbow. I'll jump across moments into a symphony of clutter. I'll bloom with a flower and tattoo the moonlight on my back. I'll shriek in surprise at nothing in particular and then collapse into a bunch of details. I'll  have a portrait painted and gift it away. I'll shuffle the leaves and eat off my fingers. And when the day is over, I'll slip into a sigh, pregnant with promise.


  1. You have some energy :)

  2. Anonymous4:19 pm

    No. I have not

  3. Anonymous: Has no one waved to you from a bus? Really?

  4. Anonymous8:55 am

    No :(



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