26 December, 2010

Psst... It's that time of the year again

I know there are several terrible things happening in the world and my not finding The Perfect Diary is not one of them, but to me, it is nothing short of catastrophic. When the one friend you have near you is not looking like itself, it can get a bit worrisome. But, bigger battles have been conquered. The Diary will win me over. Of that I'm sure.

So, its a new year (again?). The decade went by in growing up, finding a reluctant conscience, discovering a voice and learning. It went by in laughter and love too, silence and heartaches, worries and wealth. Once again I find myself surrounded by snow, in a land distant enough to be Very Far. Once again, I find myself remembering past New Years, and am counting the white spots on my nails. Dinners at home, huddled in blankets, watching TV and complaining about the silly programmes. Bonfires and trying to feed a rescued hedgehog noodles because we'd read worms were their usual diet and thought he wouldn't know the difference. He didn't. Sleeping till late on the first day of the new year and being told I'll do it for the rest of the year. I didn't. Eating plum cakes and not liking them as much as everyone else.  Waiting for winter to end although it had just begun. Grumbling incessantly about not having a newspaper in the first morning of the new year. 

And this year, on my little island, I haven't read a paper for months now. I haven't been cajoled into eating a single piece of chickee. I haven't been chided for avoiding my fruits. Quietly, some faces whisper, my distant ships twinkling at me. They've been with me, this year, bursting forth into laughter, creasing into worry, questioning and consoling. Thank you for all the things you did (and didn't) for me.
  • The Family: Thank you for our oddities. For never giving me a chance to complain of clipped wings. 
  • The Girls: Mimi (for growing up with me), Maitreyi (for making the Planet a little less Lonely) and Roosi (for giving me the best compliment ever and not making two bones about your affection.)
  • The University: For introducing me to that word. For allowing me my solitude.
  • Porcupine Tree: For being kind to me this October.
  • Lansdowne: For letting me live a movie. 
  • The Sopho: For making me a better person. In the most crucial ways. Even if you will not acknowledge it. For being my calm. And my haste. For being my strength and my vulnerability.
  • Beautiful strangers: For our conversations.
  • Distances: For teaching me to take nothing for granted.
  • Gmail: For all my conversations you keep archived for rainy days.
  • RISC: For being the place I've always dreamt of.
  • Post its: For making me feel organised and efficient even on bad days. 
  • Hindi movies: For being comforting and stimulating. Very few things can do that these days.  
Happy New Year. Spread some smiles : ) 


  1. Anonymous11:13 pm

    1)There should be a like button in this.
    2)There should be a read-my-mind and type the thanksgiving words button. It is very difficult to find words.

    Best of Luck!

  2. Anonymous2:50 pm

    No one thanks ugly strangers :(

  3. And what if there are no ugly strangers?

  4. Abhijit12:04 am

    I am waiting for a comment from "?"

    Btw,I remember seeing a similar blog post sometime back, different from the link you've given here. Anyway, Happy New Year! :)

    I've proclaimed this year to be the one for making dreams come true! What's yours? :)

  5. Anonymous2:19 am

    Is that so? Maybe we should meet up to show you a face only a mother can love!

  6. Abhijit: Happy New Year! Your new year promises to bring a lot of newness :) Hoping its full of fun and surprises.

    Anon: We should do that!

  7. ? There you are :) Happy New Year!

  8. Happy New Year to you too :)

  9. You were already better before me.



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