07 October, 2010

Reading Reading or Question 21

So, I find myself in Reading, eating fancy sandwiches, busy finding my niche. I don't know whether I prefer places when they are brand new, with their unexplored paths and undiscovered corners. Shops to be unearthed, sights to be smelt. Monuments waiting to catch my fancy, nooks aching to be owned. Faces about to be learnt and trees with unknown names. Travel planned to quaint places, still names on a map. A forlorn pin board waiting to be claimed. Seasons to be understood. In their autumn attire, the trees looks like they are on fire. Reds mingling with warm yellows, an orange leaf twirls around a brown path. There is a quiet lake with its plump ducks. Will I name them? The endless possibilities. All the stories waiting to be written. I ache with expectation.

Or do I prefer the familiarity of a place well known? Walking down a path I know so well, directions lose their way in my mind. I smile at the vegetable guy who slips in free chillies. Slipping in and out of the presence of my people. Eating things I relish. Restaurants I love. Parks I have worn with walks. I have my favourite bus route and drivers acknowledge me, the 724 girl. Familiar smells, cherished sounds. A city I own, a city that owns me. 

Perhaps for every loved thing one leaves, one can find something new to love. Perhaps. But then does one replace love? Perhaps one just finds space for the newer. The old needn't evacuate. Perhaps.


  1. Anonymous4:16 am

    A heart big enough. Memories strong enough. Perhaps, then, both the old and new can find place.

  2. Beautifully written. And well, I think that replacement happens but only when something comparable or better is found - unless that is the case, yes space is made for the newer one.

    Keep scribbling pleaseee! :)

  3. Marvin8:29 pm

    The operative word in the above comment - better.

  4. Anonymous11:59 pm

    And a new kingdom :)

  5. Prasoon: Resorting to commenting the regular way I see :)

    Marvin: Preach not what you don't practice. We have pulled the "better" concept to bits I think.

  6. New is very important - often underestimated and felt apprehensive about - but very important. :)



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