19 October, 2010

Brownian Motion

Random conversations.
Wild flowers. Purple please?
Coffee. All milk no water.
A book. Well bound.
A blanket. Clean.
Chocolate. Plain. Thick.
Walks. Silence.
Accents. African. 
Trees. Warmth.
Cotton clothes. Large buttons.
Croissants. Hot.
A Zooey Deschanel Regina Spector hybrid Wow Woman.
They should have been one person.
Stationery. Coloured pens.
New Year. Diary shopping. 
Table lamps. Tracy Chapman.
Lists. Post-its.
Washed hair. Semi dry.
Journeys. All lengths.
Acappella. The Blanks
Familiarity. Old friends.
An old passion. A new hobby.
Earrings. Large. Colourful.



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