27 September, 2010

The Next Big Step

is here. Cross-continental hopping. Travel and trepidation. You want me to stay. Then ask me to leave. Time whooshs past. And then it crawls. Overloaded. Under prepared. Exhaustion. Energy. Cheers to the new. Here's to the old. Phoneless. At last. Snail mail. For sure. Smiles. Fears and free falls. A room. Pinned photographs. 6º C. Smells not yet owned. Forlorn? Obligations shrugged. Opportunities embraced. Laughter. Lonely Planet. My dearest. Orange. Cacophony. Wishes warring with wants. Penny wise. Food? A warm blanket. Phew. Overcast sky. An open window.


  1. getting married ?

  2. oye are you in the UK already?

  3. Psmith: No. But, you made me smile :)

    Niv: Yup got here a day ago. In one, very tired, piece.



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