30 July, 2010

Notes to Myself

Hugh Prather is a very smart guy. He went and wrote things that most of us think about/ feel/ do and then made millions from his anorexic book. Though he's written several 'bestsellers' after the initial one, I've never wanted to pick them up. Or even glimpse through them. The first was complete for me in everywhichway.  

Amma rarely recommends books to me, but when she does, I make sure I read them. I discovered The Good Earth by Pearl S. Buck and Thorn Birds through her. So picking up Notes to Myself was only natural. That was two years ago. I still find myself going back to it. It is also one of the things I've decided to keep with me as I take The Next Big Step. And since I am still hobbling along my learning curve, I thought to pen down some of my notes to myself. The most trusted friend, the faithful diary is a good place to begin:
"Some friendships do not last. I changed. You changed. Understanding and accepting this helps me let go."    


  1. I hope you used the jazzy new buttons under the post :D



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