21 June, 2010

Over and Over

[Picture: Carignan Gallery: http://www.cgindy.com/blog/]

It's another long afternoon
languid and lost.
It holds me indolently
in a loose lethargic lie.

Whispers flit past
I dabble in a drowsy dream
Slumber tip toes
A silence sweats.

You play tricks
Torment and tantalize.
It's a terrible travesty
Too much thought, the tiresome tirade.

An empty space is
speaking to my sobered senses.
I claw at, and the creases stare
scoffing at another stifled sojourn.


  1. Anonymous9:31 pm

    A poem of questions

    To be answered by a new adventure, a new place, a travel?

  2. Anonymous3:29 pm

    : )

    Everyone must find his/her own way.

  3. Do two anonymouses make an anonymi? Or are they just a couple of anonymice?



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