08 June, 2010


Do you remember the situation of animation in India in the 90s? Ek chidiya, anek chidiya? Bela gulaab juhi champa chameli : ) Today I started on Chamatkar (1992, Dir. Rajiv Mehra). Watch it, just to see the opening animated sequence. It's so poor its endearing. It's silly and slapstick, Urmila Matondkar overacts in her irritating own way. I loved it.

Universal Truth in Chandni Land: A movie is only as good as your mood. Goofy mood for slapstick, sombre for the serious etc. When you truly open yourself to loving something/one, it's hard for it/them to resist.

Anyway, you could also watch the movie for:

  1. Shah Rukh Khan before he became a pompous filmstar and still thought the kkkkkkk-stammering was cool. Before he got so Fair and Lovely. Before he started doing 'meaningful' cinema like K3G, KKHH, KANK and alltheotherkkkkkkks.

  2. Naseeruddin Shah as Marco who makes even slapstick look good. The tacky appearing/disappearing tricks, 'aakashvaani' from God, erupting from his grave sequences are almost too good to miss. That is, if you enjoy foolish laughs sometimes. 

  3. The regular good over evil formaula is rehashed in a pleasant way. Good Deeds = You get the girl and the money. Bad deeds = You may think you will get the money, but all you end up with is getting bashed up. 
I'm also going on a Zooey Deschanel binge. Can't wait to begin!


  1. "Good Deeds = You get the girl and the money". Kaash asal zindagi mai bhi ye sach hota :P

  2. i will start the good deeds from today.

    by the way, i liked this movie a lot. can't forget the cricket match and the flying catch

  3. chahe jo bhi ho.. i loved that movie. even i remember the cricket match and the flying catch..



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