25 June, 2010

Black Boxing

We've put ourselves in so many boxes these days it's hard to figure out where to begin unpacking. The one with a plastic coating. One who's lid is fixed too tight. The small little yellow one and the striped long one. There is that huge miscellaneous one glowering in a corner and the gay one with ribbons, sitting centre stage. And while we are so busy fitting into those boxes we forget the pieces of ourselves we put in there. And while the inputs and outputs of thoughts, feelings, opinions and actions form a steady stream of white noise around us, we are slowly losing the ability to see the mechanisms of our actions. The motivation behind what we do. The reasons for our choices. It's the proverbial black box. You infer ideas based on the correlations between input and output but do not (or can not) figure out what the hell is on.

I'm trying to capture what I think in my own little black boxes. The conflicts. The questions. The reassurances. And hopefully some answers.

  "Turn a deaf ear"


  1. Anonymous7:19 pm

    You need to move to white-box framework! The only problem is defining the chain of inheritance, in your case the train of thought process!

  2. You taught me something new today! White box framework. Hmmm.



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