11 May, 2010

2. Aakrosh

Termed as a 'bold film' in its time, Aakrosh is a powerful portrayal of the rot in the legal system, the helplessness of the downtrodden and how money and power can buy justice. A review I enjoyed can be read here (a good space to read about some movies in Hindi and regional languages. Tragically, it has not been updated since long, perhaps because of the paucity of meaningful films these days?).

What appealed to me most in the movie was a conversation between Naseeruddin Shah (a young idealistic lawyer, who believed the legal system could provide justice to his adivasi client) and Mahesh Elkunchwar (a Marxist, working with adivasi communities, helping them organize into a body that can create leverage). The helplessness and angst within Shah's mind is challenged by Elkunchwar's disgust and contempt for the 'burgoise' who, according to him, find the poor man's vulnerabilities too lowly or insignificant a cause to fight for.

With a National Award for Best Film and Filmfare awards in several categories, Aakrosh, is as relevant today as it was three decades ago. A must watch.

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