23 April, 2010

Great Expectations

You are the cloud to my silver lining
The scratch in my song
I thought if I gave you the words
You'd gladly sing along...

I chanced upon a delightful little book recently by Anita Nair. Goodnight and God Bless. Perfect place to dip into as you go to sleep. I espeacially enjoyed it because she's named her son Maitreya (if I ever have a kid, this is the name I must remember to remember), her insights on mothers and daughters, the wonderful imagery she paints with her words and of course the footnotes. I am a Footnote Freak. Little superscripted numbers make me itch to look at the bottom of the page immediately.

I have recently taken a liking to some authors and I want to read everything by them. EVERYTHING. Anita Nair has, so effortlessly, joined the ever-growing list. There is nothing more stimulating than a bookshelf of unread books : )

17 April, 2010



it's a cruel
doubting world
you say
regret threatening to
snuff out
another hope
thunderous clouds blurr
a vision
blinded fools
we grope around
a heartbreak catches
in my throat
and i squeak out
another swallowed

switch sides?
toss these turns
frail emotions
pull along
and digress

compassion urges
sewing the seams
stitching us
so much warmer
it's an orange
this glow of orange
my lava of peace
the world
no longer
as cruel
as vain



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