01 February, 2010

Someone Like You

I met someone like you yesterday
No he didn't have your crooked teeth
Or your way of playing with words
But sometimes, he would half-smile
And I'd have to shake myself
Out of my revierie.

Little things saw me seeing you
A dance danced slow
Knocking knees
An icecream and the breeze
You'd have scoffed and enjoyed me
The belle of the evening
Swaying to misunderstood heartbeats
The missing knight
And his fallen damsel.


  1. The part of him in every other HE?

  2. Marvin10:11 am

    fir kya? i guess not every other but just one.

    why is the damsel fallen and yet the belle of the evening? it's a paradox.

  3. Fallen and exalted. They are places that take on different adjectives depending where you are looking from.

  4. Marvin10:26 am

    yes, but not when the same person is using the adjectives. maybe in different points in time it might be so. but that, i guess, is not the case here. or is it? start mein toh miss belle thi. aur end hote hote damsel ho gayeen?

  5. Ha ha 'ho gayeeeen' end mein damsel. Don't kill it now. A single person is often torn between perspectives. Thus.

  6. Marvin10:31 am

    why the label A? oh, oh, gawt it.

    though private poetry does not gel with something posted publicly. though, though, if the implications are private, it might just as well.

  7. Marvin10:33 am

    achha ab ek person bhi torn hone laga gaya. beta apna matlab nikaal ne kuch toh bhi. though, though, (that style again), if this is in different points in time (and moods), you might just as well.

  8. Oh oh OH. So now you shall decide what is ok and what is not. I shall burst forth in crazy laughter now. No it's not at different times or in different moods. Uhun.

  9. Marvin10:42 am

    being the fiercely independent naari that you are, how can i even dream of instructing you on the nitty-gritties of action?

    anyhow, people, visit my blog. it's much more comprehensible. you are not asked to exist in a parallel universe where words mean different things to the same person at the same point in time. phew!

  10. faltu ka kameenapanti. hurrr out you go.

  11. Marvin10:58 am

    "faltoo ki". anyatha, "faltoo mein".

    kameenapanti is a fiercely independent naari, just like you. respect her honor and do not attach her to the bloated ego of a "ka".

  12. it's amazing how you write like this and talk like bhatt...feelings and aloofness... two lonely people on opposite ends of a bench, holding hands, looking east and west... haha.. i can see where the paradoxes stem from.. you are essentially split, i hope you realize... or may be there is some convergence here that i don't see.. hmm

  13. The bhatt similarity had me quite astonished too (which I think I made pretty apparent!). Essentially split. Hmmm

  14. Marvin, I really thought upon the ka ki bit before typing. And now you say I chose the wrong one :|

  15. well, i don't understand you guys. but it's refreshing to see some one so complete in oneself. it's way better than constantly looking for the rest of you and not finding it. :) and i decided to turn that part about the two lonely people in my comment into a poem. you'll see it on hogwash soon. :)

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