26 February, 2010

500 [Days of Summer]

I don't know anyone who has watched it. It's pretty strange that I even chanced upon it. 500 [Days of Summer]. A mediocre movie that caught my attention solely because of  Zooey Deschanel. Her face is so full of character. The movie itself is quite dull, annoyingly predictable and without any real highs. The hero is bland, has unbelievably narrow shoulders and has an unflattering air about him. Then why am I still writing about it? To tell you to not watch it. But to listen to the quirky Lilly Allenish soundtrack. There are some absolute gems:

1. Us - Regina Skpector
2. Please, Please, Please Let Me Get What I Want - The Smiths
3. Quelqu'un M'a Dit - Carla Bruni
4. Here Comes Your Man - Meaghan Smith

And while we are at it, can I recommend watching Cadillac Records? There is something about Adrien Brody. And Beyonce of course.


  1. Marvin12:07 am

    tell me, what does a face full of character look like? and yes, i have seen her photo. i did not find any character there.

  2. A face full of character is one that is expressive I think. Not necessarily pretty, if you were looking for that (though people would call her pretty). Character makes a face stand out, something to remember it by. Does not let it fall into obscurity. She has that face. Where else did I see her? Failure to Launch. Stood apart there.

  3. Well, one might like the movie if it somehow reflects upon their own life. On another hand, the soundtrack is indeed awesome :)

  4. Marvin2:09 am

    expressive? hmmm. so what about people with faces with not much character? they are not capable of expressions? even if they try? and given enough time and not that much enough memory, any face falls into obscurity. so much for character. she was in hitchiker's too.

  5. Anonymous7:40 am

    i loved the carla bruni track too when i saw the movie !:) and totally agree with you on the characters...


    you should definitely definitely defintely listen to the temper trap song... and while you're at it, listen to a song by them called fader.


  6. Marvin: I remember her as Trillian (yeehaha check out the correct spelling). All faces can express. Not all are full of character somehow. And now I am done explaining. Now.

    Ani: You watched the movie! (Coincidence that her name is Zooey? Ha). I was watching Scent of a Woman the other day yet again and remembered how you were (very aptly) hyperventilating about Al Pacino in the dancing scene. :) Good seeing you here?

    Haru: The male lead ruined it for me. Poor guy.

  7. you are recommending to 'listen to angrezi songs'. sorry mate samajh nahin aate angrezi gaane

  8. arre 'mate', listen to to the French one then. You don't always have to know the language to appreciate the music. Na?

  9. have you seen 'wake up sid'. I remember Konkana saying 'mujhe to purane hindi gaane pasand hai kyonki wo easy hote hain gaane main'. and rahul khanna called her 'immature'. I am that kind of a person 'maiiite'.

  10. Anonymous8:38 pm

    yep! good seeing you here too :P :) and yep... rechecked that scene again...ah.memories... some day...some day... :)

  11. ha.. i actually liked the movie :D
    maybe felt for the poor guy.. falling in love with a girl he did not fully understand.. can be tricky :D

  12. Triciam McMillan. Or Zooey.

    I liked the movie. It has a Woody Allenish feel to it, although there is a lot less self deprecation and the only sarcasm comes from Zooey.



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