14 December, 2009

Come away with me

I am taking you on this trip with me. To this quiet little place. It's a dilapidated little cottage. Without the Internet and definitely no phones. It's surrounded by oak trees and at this time of the year, the brown leaves must have fallen, our shoes can shuffle out a melody walking on them. There is an old spaniel guarding the place, he likes lolling in the sun and chasing any squirrels he can barely see. We could subsist on canned sausages and that marvellous bread I bake. And a brew of some kind.

Don't become starry-eyed now - we aren't going for long. I wouldn't want you to start getting on my nerves. Confrontations were never my favourite place, you know that too well. It's the library I am going for. That, and the sunsets of course. There is going to be no music too, I am being hard hearted you'll sulk. But this one time, shhhh. I am taking you on this trip with me. You must know, you don't have a choice.


  1. "Without the Internet and definitely no phones".
    reminds me of my Sri Lanka trip. away from this world.

  2. Away from the madness :D

  3. It sounds so very similar to a thing I wrote. Our Place in Time. I mean the taking on a journey part. And that came almost a year later. I lag behind you in all things consequential.



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