22 December, 2009


When the year end leaves you particularly uninterested and non-plussed, you know something is amiss. That a brand new yummy red diary and three newly downloaded albums of Norah Jones cannot get me overtly excited it disturbing too. I guess its the shaadi fatigue, or maybe all the things I have been doing half-heartedly. It could be so many things and nothing at all. It could be the us in the you and me, or it could just be my solitude. It could the weather (under) estimating me or the people over (doing) me. Its getting colder and the poorly sewed Santa caps are offering no warmth. So I decide to do something that I am told, triggered one of the best things that happened to me this year. So, here I go again, thanking the people who helped me along:

  • The Family: For letting me.
  • The Atul: For giving us all one more reason to smile.
  • The Sopho: Of the 2,10,71,986 reasons I can think of thanking you, I'd like to choose just one. Thank you for staying up with me that bluish-grey dawn. 21st April 2009.
  • The Unwitting Healer, my Roosi, who has only given and given and given. We should forget about our DoC scale and start on a new HoH (Halo of Happiness) measurement. You're an 11 on 10.
  • The Firangi Friends, Maitreyi and Ashwina. Even on different continents you've managed to hear me out. Thank you for allowing the distances make the heart grow fonder.
  • The Beautiful Stranger, Rain: You have (so poetically) been my dirty little secret, my stashed away joy for a rainy day, my tears and fears all rolled into pretty prose.
  • The Warrior, my Rinchen: Thank you for all our laughs and all those trips. They'd have been imperfect without you :) But most of all, for being most fun on the coldest of days.
  • The Russian Romance, Ani: You have to be thanked for managing to make me smile from the most difficult place ever - my memory. Thank you for all those unexpected land-up-on-doorstep times, chocolate-sauce-off-your-misshapen-fingers, crooked smiles and spontaneity.
  • To Zach Braff for being the guy I love to love. All the time. For filling a 101 lonely evenings with laughter.
  • To G, the Gargoyle: For teaching me that I do, after all, have a lot to learn.
  • To Feeder for singing to me a song for every mood. "Been calling out for days, as emptiness invades, another moment's lost again, just sunk beneath the waves."
  • To CPC, for giving me my love for the colour orange. It took me so long to realize that it was because of you.
  • To Leh, for showing me enough beauty to make me believe.

For a year so trying, I think I had more than my share of laughs :) And now a post this drab has perked me up! New Year? Here we come :) Enjoy your parties people! And try to fit it the environment into your new year resolutions. One plastic cup less and one car pool more does make (enough?) a difference.
Take care.


  1. Shubham Upadhyay2:58 pm

    Good one! .. u know i really admire ur writing skills :) i wish i had this skill in the pack of gifts tht god gave me.
    well take it as a readers request , did u ever write something on the godd old "Barlowganj" dayz ?.. if u did id like to read .. n if not , pls try writing one ..!! Merry Christmas and a very happy new year ..

  2. That's a great idea! The Barlowganj days are yet to be chronicled, heaven knows I have enough to write of those times :) A happy new year to you too!!!

  3. Thanks for the nice blog :D

  4. ha ha that's a polite thing to say :)

  5. good good. keep it up. you're improving already. though you need to talk on the phone in case of an emergency.

  6. Anonymous11:38 am

    by cpc u mean THE cpc?

  7. Marvin: I don't like phones. Period. And the fact that mine switches off sometimes when I try to take a call suits me just fine. Such glitches are SO DAMN welcome.

    CPC: Yes, THE cpc.

  8. If only staying up could solve all of life's problems.



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