28 November, 2009

Discover you discovering me

I must remember that most of the musicians I end up liking are the ones I can't stand at first. And I have examples to prove my point:
  1. Coldplay
  2. Eminem
  3. John Mayer
  4. Justin Timberlake and Siamese twin Nelly Furtado
Right now's wishlist? To attend a Mayer concert. Not the flashlights and smoke guns and 10,000 fans kind. Not the long queues and signed T-shirts being thrown at you kind. The 100 people-who-don't-need-a-fix-for-the-high, mellow light, I-can-see-the-bass-guitarist-and-the-drummer kind. I want to see his face scrunched up as he sings. Sweat-soaked. Seducing his guitar into submission. Listen to Comfortable, the music makes you hear love.
Well almost. Exaggeration afterall, makes things more than perfect.


  1. Shubham Upadhyay1:24 pm

    One thing is for sure , u r a real music lover , i share this passion with u ... its no fun standing in between some thousand and listening to thousands of watts ... bt its amazing to hear great singers play in acoustics mode .... i agree with u here :)
    And although this is my frst comment i read a lot of ur posts .. u r a god writer , y dont u start writing professionally ?? or do u ??

  2. Had no clue you read this place! Good to see you here. But I would love the noisy concerts too, it's just that I think Mayer deserves a listening audience.

    And no I don't write professionally :)

  3. Just like you developed a liking for musicians, in a similar way you will slowly develop a liking for the "flashlights and smoke guns and 10,000 fans kind".

  4. oh dear ofcourse "that" kind is superb but can't one have one's moods?

    *remember to NOT explain oneself*

  5. Surely one can have one's moods.

    My point was moods are determined by the things we like, the things we are familiar with.

    At one end we say we are unique, at the other end we want to gel into society. At one point you were not able to stand certain types of musicians and now...

  6. Shubham Upadhyay3:00 am

    Ha ha ha :) well i was a secret reader :) ... i dont admire much of noisy concerts .. i like the more elegant ones :) ....
    and y dont u write professionally ??.. i think ushud .. i mean u have a gift , and u shud persue it :).. y dont u start with short stories and stuff ...
    after reading ur blog i think ul be gr8 ..

  7. now if eminem performed here as well :(

  8. Exaggeration only kills you slowly. And at a time when you least expect it.



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