15 July, 2009

Of Animals and Aesop's

“As a rule, man is a fool
When it’s hot he wants it cool
When its cool he wants it hot
Always wanting what is not”

I remember this poem from a time frame so obscure, that it’s a miracle I remember it at all. The poem was from this thin little copy of Aesop’s fables I had. Yellow cover. Red lettering. Very poor quality paper. Bad printing. I learnt the poem thinking it meant something very important and adult like, not realizing how true it would turn out to be. [Adulthood fascinated us so much when we are kids, its such a let down I tell you. The only part I like about it is that you don’t get shooed into bed at an ungodly early hour.] So, coming back to Aesop’s, I realized how my treacherous memory was failing me and I couldn’t remember even one story [or fable whatever]. So I picked up the book [this version was a hardbound, tastefully illustrated version, nice yellow paper, beautiful slanting font and delectable printing] and began a very loud rendition of … wait I think I should read it out to you people as well (since it seems like I have nothing else to write anyway :P). Here goes:

The Wolf And The Sheep

A Wolf, sorely wounded and bitten by dogs, lay sick and maimed in his lair. Being in want of food, he called to a Sheep, who was passing, and asked to fetch him some water from a stream flowing close beside him. ‘For,’ he said, ‘if you will bring me a drink, I will find means to provide myself with meat.’ ‘Yes,’ said the Sheep,’ if I should bring you the drought, you would doubtless make me provide the meat also.’

Hypocritical speeches are easily seen through.

That, I realized was some moral. And yes its been tried and tested by so many, that it's not a hypothesis by any stretch of imagination. But then I also came across another one, which was sort of, let’s just say, a little drastic?

The Ass And The Grasshopper

An Ass, having heard some Grasshoppers chirping, was highly enchanted; and, desiring to possess the same charms of melody, demanded what sort of food they lived on, to give them beautiful voices. They replied, ‘The dew.’ The Ass resolved that he would only live upon dew, and in a short time died of hunger.

PS: The concept of a story with a moral seems so proper and naive.
PPS: Narrating stories with animals as characters lessens the blow. But that doesn’t make the moral any smaller or more frivolous.


  1. Marvin10:54 am

    This does not count as writing something. In case you were thinking otherwise.

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  3. Since
    1. No one is commenting on this "extremely aankh phodu font" mein likhi gayi post of yours
    2. It has been a long time since you have written any sensible and good post
    3. You know, am searching for "girlfriend", DESPERATELY.
    4. My, own (good)friend denied helping in this regard (pt 3.). (after this incident i am going to stop using 'good' before this friend. Saala)
    5. It sucks (pt 4), that friend too :-x
    6. You, being generous and a great person, have extended your hand for help. Oopar waala tumhaara bhala kare.
    7. You still crave for more "ponds ki dibbiyan"
    8. You are beautiful
    9. You are intelligent (besides being beautiful)

    in points ko maddenazar rakhte hue, tumhe aage badhna chahiye, aur pt 3 ke liye kuchh karna chahiye. Possibly you can bring to notice (to gaaaals...) this thing through a jaagrook blog post. Dekh lena whichever way you can.

    P.S I think i am contacting right person this time. Last time the person i contacted ... :x *khoosat* (refer pt 4 and 5)
    P.P.S Pts 8 and 9 are to boost your morale. We need these things at times.
    P.P.P.S Dont take P.P.S as an offence. Badla lena ho to palat ke mujhe bhi ye sab bol daalo, main to kahunga do chaar adjectives isi type ke aur badha dena.


  4. I second Saransh :P

    You should find him one :)

    As far the (good) friend is concerned, he can be damned for everything!


  5. Marvin8:52 pm

    Rascals. All of you.

    Over and out.

  6. O damn !!!
    I think my heart is sinking with joy.
    Reasons -
    - I totally understood each and every word of what Pinky wrote
    - Now even Prabhu supports me.

    Btw, baaki junta please comment on post too, bhai...I know you all love me a lot. Muah muah for that. But yaar kisi ke khoon paseene ki post ka to aadar karo.
    Let me start --- nice one...that ass and grasshopper story was total fun...
    sorry aunty. This was the last one. No further such type of 'imp' comments :(

  7. Help! You C wing boys are spamming my blog. Saransh, tune yeh faltu logon ko yahan attract karke theek nahin kiya. Gaya tera chance at me getting you a girlfriend. Gaya.

  8. Marvin9:52 pm

    abey oye aunty! main faltoo nahin hoon. aur pinky toh bilkul faltoo nahin hai. english ka jadoogar hai woh. agar koi faltoo hai toh sirf ye girlfriend girlfriend wala launda hai. what say people?

  9. Wow. Evidently, I've forgotten all about the post.

  10. @ Chandni : Sorry shaktiman :(
    @ Marvin : lol. roflol
    @ Sirop : I think you suffer from 'gajni-ya'. 9 comment mein koi post nahi bhoolta. Dont discourage our beautiful handsome brilliant writer by saying so.

  11. omg!


    me thinks grilfriend wala launda has got a thing for the author.

  12. spelling mein mishtake hai. don't mind, haan.

  13. grilfriend. ha ha saransh marcin will find you a fancy dish but not a ladki. Poor you. Roomie ho toh aisa. Ha ha.

    (And thus, the typo king continues to live up to his name)

  14. I had/have no roommate. Mera roommate mere liye mar chuka hai. And this nalayak Marvin can niether find me a girlfriend nor a fancy dish. Jo saala do haath ki doori pe rakha apna mobile nahi utha paata wo mera kya kaam karega. Heinn. Aur ab jab you are also not ready to help to bas ...Ye duniya, ye mehfil, mere kaam ki nahi. You all are selfish giants. Paapi ho. Thus, i have decided. Am going to Himalayas, with pairs of 'kele ke patte'. Rokne ki sochna bhi mat, as I have already got those patte and will not let them go waste by cancelling my plans. Hope wahan meri tapasya se koi apsara bheji jaaye. Hope
    (And thus, the girlfriend wala boy will try to live)

  15. @Saransh: lol. roflol.

    Aur main phone utha leta hu. thoda time lagta hai wahan tak pahuchne mein bas.

    as far as the leaves are concerned, better make use of the banana leaves you have already brought to eat food. tumhare private parts ke liye to harsingar ke patte bhi kaafi hone chahiye.

    ps - pinky kahan hai? use bhi bulao. woh kaafi sahi aur unintelligible advice deta hai.

  16. Bas chalu ho gaye. 'Moraaaan' saale.
    Those are not to cover my private parts. I am taking them, ki jab apsaraayen aa jaayein, wo log uss patton se hawa kareini. Isliye. Ya i know. High class funda. Thodi dikkat hogi samjhne mein.

    And for information of junta, gupt sootron ke anusaar, Pinky has already left for Mt. Everest. Acc. to his, theorey, height of mountain is directly proportional to 9th power of number of apsaraayen. Sootron ka ye bhi kehna hai ki Pinky abhi aadhi height hi pahuncha hai, aur apsarayen usey angoor khilaate dekhi gayi

  17. Ahh well.. to be honest i didnt read the post... but beinf Chandni's blog i would wager that it would be good...
    Ok, so the formalities done, lets move on to the real reason that i am here.. and that is to decalre my unconditioanl support to my dear friend Saransh in his noble endeavours to find himself a galfrnd and to align their individual goals leading to a a maximization of their potential.
    ohk am blabbering now.. Chandni, say yes, he is a gem of a guy..

  18. Marvin12:26 am

    i think we should use this blog as a discussion forum for getting together online. information regarding individual members can be discussed. and so can their romantic liaisons. what say guys?

    oh yes, like all people say, C Wing Rawwkss! bigtime, man. bigtime.

  19. Ok. I start. I want a girlfriend. O mighty blog owner! Please help me in this regard

  20. i second that motion. ladies and gentlemen, we have a new wannabe in our midst. it is our duty to help him out. any suggestions and proposals for the same are welcome on this forum.

  21. Why o why is this poor blog becoming an online dating forum and that too for you C wing gadhaas? And no I don't want an answer to that.

  22. C Wing2:03 pm

    a question asked warrants an answer madame. even if you have made it clear that you dont want it.

    anyway, since this blog was dead already, we thought we should spice things up. otherwise, it would become just another url in some list. na?

    now if you could only get back to putting up some decent material here, no one would give a rat's ass what the 'gadhaas' do over here. (or anywhere for that matter). and we might even go back to revitalising some other poor blog (like for instance that Moraaan's).

  23. @Chandni : No. No. Calm down, calm down.
    Tension khatam hote hi meri sachchi humrahi dhoondho.
    Khaali peeli kahe paara garam kar rahi?

    @ C wing : people. bacho. the lady is in anger. and i heard ki she knows karate warate. Umaga!!!

  24. Anonymous9:28 pm

    Karate nahin kathak. Ha ha. But it is just as deadly as karate in the hands of the owner/author. So, fear.

  25. Matlab mere blog pe meri hi khichai. And C wing, about decent material being put up...that was never the intention. DECENT is such an INDECENT word.

  26. 1)The lady in question calls me Faltu :x

    2)The lady in question doesnt appreciate our efforts in raking up her publicity charts

    3)The lady in question doesnt even know everyone in class is saving her blog pages and read them while someone is blabbering over something else.

    4)The lady in question never mails

    5)The lady in question deserted my blog!

    You can redeem yourself by finding a suitable girl for Saransh! You should do it. No escaping that! You take up the legal responsibility yahan warna we would start prosecution in this blog forum!


  27. mera raj dulara pinky aa gaya! aa gaya! aa gaya!

    (repeat thrice for maximum effect)

  28. Thank you Krishna. (Piper wouldn't have expressed my gratitude enough). For exclaiming suitably. The boys have gone berserk.

  29. Why is that Thankyou Thank you, and not Thankyou? Is there a discrimination between Thankyou's (Thank you's) as well?

  30. When the YOU is separate, it depicts that the person was whatever enough to be mentioned separately. There is discrimination everywhere. Like the ha and ha ha we discussed an aeon ago.

  31. Ohhh ... :o ...You people ishtill having phunn here.
    So naughty you all are



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