17 June, 2009

Question 18

Does jealousy stem out of insecurity?


  1. Marvin12:57 pm

    Mostly, it's incapacity on the part of the J party.

  2. where r u? hv read ur lines saying who wants to stay in touch n phone phobhia.. but u better respond.. this was d only place where i saw u active.. thts y leaving a msg here :)

  3. Anonymous1:43 am

    no it doesn't ... insecurity is a waste of time... and so is jealousy... compare both of them to the way women and men have orgasms... one lasts long and is at the very least worthwhile... the other one... totally ugly and all that work so very unencessary for soemthing so short...


    how have you been ?


  4. Marvin: Incapacity? To not be jealous?

    Gunjan: Hey there!! I, have been a non-keep-in-toucher. Will rectify.

    Ani: I happen to be fine thank you. Extrapolate. "all that work so very unencessary for soemthing so short" hmmm

  5. insecurity is jus one of the reasons.. not the only one..

  6. Insecurity is certainly one of the reasons behind jealousy. But that is certainly not the only reason. There can be various other reasons, like inferiority complex, unfulfilled dreams, etc.

  7. It does. Period.

    Throw yourself into a corner and leave the brain to do the devils workshop, you see you would get to doubt everything. Just give the brain and heart the things it is made for. Else they would cut themselves to pieces :) Blunt weapons needs subtle,soft caress of words!

  8. Anonymous9:21 pm


    jealousy and insecurity are spineless weakling warped versions our desire to be desired and be loved... very few of us can love purely and naturally, without the want of anything back in return... it is tainted with expectations and hopes... we tend to find THAT romantic and all oooohhhhhh... but its not... its just an agreement between two people... a contract... we honour the relationship but not the love for that person... how many of us could really love someone who did not give two hoots to us... ?

    and there lies insecurity and jealousy... a waste of time for something so falsified and on shaky foundations to begin with... someone who loves someone TRULY would not feel insecure or jealous because love would be love no matter what...

    mail me.

    you never mail me.


  9. Anonymous1:44 am

    well put. and nicely done. not you. the comment last.

  10. ani: and you mail me like EVERYday. (ha ha this is fun).

    anon: why don't YOU write him a mail?

  11. Anonymous10:18 am

    Achha? Give me the email id. I will write to him.

  12. Jealousy blinds you. No reason is right enough. Or wrong for that matter. Because one can not think straight.



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