13 June, 2009

Philosopher Phixation A

Indignation doesn't sit well upon the shoulders of those who don't do anything with it.


  1. Lakh rupay ki baat!

    Something related: If you're standing in front of the refrigerator wondering whether you're hungry, then you're not.

  2. Care to elaborate?

  3. You sound like the Infosys ke instructors ;)

    Imagine writing reviews of *SELF HELP* books as an exam :D

  4. Marvin: Do you not understand what I am saying or do you ask for the sake of discussion?

    Prabhu: Infosys instructors? Damn.

  5. Marvin12:58 pm

    Don't understand.

  6. Explanation: Indignation (anger towards something wrong or let's say unjust) does not befit those who just feel angry and don't do anything with that anger. There is no point complaining about the pollution in Delhi if you refuse to take public transportation and drive even to the nearby store. It is pointless to crib about how dirty the city is when you don't think twice before throwing a wrapper on the road.

    All I am saying is that too often are we angered. And more often than not, we care to do nothing about it. Indignation becomes a moral past-time and nothing more.



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