13 June, 2009

Philosopher Phixation A

Indignation doesn't sit well upon the shoulders of those who don't do anything with it.

03 June, 2009

The Song That Was Never Sung

Ours is a different kind of love baby,
Everyone says that I know.
It teases and appeases and hell yeah it pleases.
Its the painful high, the exhilarating low.

Ours is a funny kind of jive baby,
We are always dancing out of step.
Any song that plays through my soul
Has a rhythm you can't interpret.

Ours is a silly conversation darlin',
You talk to me with baited breath
We listen to our fancy silences,
Words die their silent death.

Ours is the unfinished masterpiece my dear,
The one that could get smudged anytime
We are so drunk, we're almost sound sober now
A crazy cocktail? The shameless wine?

01 June, 2009

Leh Journal: The Pictograph

The view from the plane.

Snot and awe (Courtesy: Rinchen)

The Buddha at Likir.

Ladakhi shoes. Size teeny.


Apricot flowers blushing away.

Pangong Tso

Icicles at Igoo (photo by Dr. O)

A Bactrian camel at Chuchot (they are the double humped ones as opposed to the single humped Arabian camels).

The Maitreya Buddha


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