25 April, 2009

Leh Journal II - My Magpie

He looked at me with his black beady eyes
Those eyes lost somewhere in that black face of his
He had a piece of flesh in his mouth
Still dripping red
For the moment he seemed to see right through me
Through my farce
Through my fears
Right to my core
Where nestled my dearest woes
And then he flew away
Resplendent blue feathers
So shiny
The white accented by that ebony face.

Have you ever seen a black headed (or is it called white-chested?) magpie? Its a beautifully coloured large bird found EVERYWHERE in Leh. Google it for some images. I find the bird obscenely beautiful. And the funny thing is its large head (it looks like Moose - the Archies comic male version of dumb blonde guy) which makes it seem like a bully, with its squating oh look at me gait.


  1. and that comes exactly a year after i clicked this:


    (ok, give/take a few days!)

  2. Aha. And what a splendid picture it is!!!! Thank you. I went through the entire Ladakh series. IN SPITE of the lousy net connection.

    ps: welcome here :)

  3. Having surfed and suffered from the net connection out there makes me really appreciate you going through all the ladakh pictures :D


    PS: Actually, have been reading for quite a while now... it's the bird that made me comment :P

  4. that is a beautiful poem



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