07 April, 2009

Leh Journal - I

People tell me I have this knack for disappearing without a trace/phone number/squeak. Yes I have a knack. If I want to, I can stay in touch. But what does one do when one revels in being very far away in a new place, incognito? If one doesn't want to stay in touch and exchange ridiculous hellos? And didn't I tell you I have phonephobia? Its a disease that intensifies with age. Ha.

Here I am in Leh for two months and I really can't emphasize how everyone MUST visit the place once in their lifetime. That is if you care for beauty of the harsh bold variety. If mountains make you feel at home. If a blue sky and brown landscape catch your fancy. If looking at a sky with more stars and less black seems remotely interesting. If you don't mind drinking a zillion cups of butter tea. If you love roads that touch the horizon. If staring at HUGE statues of Buddha seems like a perfectly normal thing to do. Basically, anyone who is anyone should come here.

The mountain air is conducive to writing I presume. As is the extra time. I am writing poems by the dozen. Prose flows out onto my diary like never before. Work seems notsointimidating. My brain amuses me by appearing sharper. When life seems this good, it deserves a post. Yes?

Till the nest time I manage to muster the courage to take a chance at the mind-numbingly slow internet here, take care everybody and seriously, think of a trip to Leh (May-September is the best time. In case you need an itinerary, youknowwho isn't available on phone. She definitely isn't.)



  1. no wonder your phone was just not reachable on your birthday... sent you a text.. may be some day you will get it...hope you had a good one (looks like you did) :)

  2. you're in leh for 2 months ???

    wow !

    what is it you do exactly ?

    I spent a couple of months (over 2 trips) in ladakh myself. Its my favorite place in the world. good food, great people, and what a landscape !!

    I envy you. Tawang, Leh....Im intrigued.....there cannot possibly be a job that entails such marvelous trips !

  3. are there any openings at your job place? :)

  4. Pragya ki brand ambassador ban ja tu. Paise bhi mil jayenge is bahane.

  5. Ummm... where do you work? what do you do exactly?


  6. yay. good to see ur post after long..

  7. I am so so jealous. BAH!

  8. How about you coming up with a travelogue next? :)

  9. Everyone: Hello!! The net is really fast today! Yay!

    Nive: I had a ridiculously silly birthday and managed a fever, cold and a nasty cough. But am fine now :)

    Marvin saale: I have nothing to say to you. Bugger boy.

    Nebula: A travelogue? I am already thinking on those lines.

    Dids: Missing you...

    All the others: I work for an ngo which works like a corporate and pays like a pauper...and fulfills ALL travel urges a person can have. I love and hate it with equal intensity.

  10. that low paying NGO and the traveling job from them works totally for me. so you'll send me the openings right? :)

  11. sounds sooper :)
    what sort of work does this NGO do ?

    to travel the world, in the knowledge that one is helping save it (boy I love melodrama :D) must be a great feeling na :)

  12. Marvin2:08 am

    Let me do the honours. Let me. Ok, I will wait for permission. Bleh.

  13. wow! 2 months in leh! must be heavenly!



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