25 February, 2009

Question 17

Do friendships come with expiry dates?


  1. i think yes. my past says that atleast 90% of all friendships come with expiry dates.

    I don't want to believe the latter because some strangers are just too precious to be lost.

    Remember that statement we agreed on once - the word friend is more cursed than the word love. It really is right?

  2. I think they do!

    As much as I hate accepting the fact it stares at me at face! There's nothing for eternity!

  3. is this the end of the break?

    oh oh. friendships? i would have liked to ruffle a few feathers here. but i guess all relationships come with an expiry date.

    ps - i know why you asked this question. but even then, why did you ask this question? to reaffirm the obvious?

  4. you never know. we can never know.

  5. Well, it depends on many factors:

    1) How much you like the product
    2) Where and how you keep it
    3) Whether you are the sort of person who makes do with whatever he/she gets. In other words, no brand loyalty.

    P.S.: In my memory, this is the first comment I've made on a bak post of yours. I was tempted.

  6. I call this 'pop'ularity. Yeah, right.

  7. everything has an expiry date, friendships even more so!

  8. Prasoon: Yes I stand by that statement. Its really true.

    Marvin: Hopefully, its the end. Let's see. No, not to reaffirm the obvious. To see if there was hope in the situation.

    Piper: I think point no. 2 is the deciding factor. But this isn't a bak post. It's as un-bak as any other.

    To all the people who commented: So basically you're saying yes? That they come with expiry dates? I was just hoping for something less depressing.

  9. No no!

    Those who keep the company of hopeless cynics (read marvin) will become eventually become cynical too. Huh.

    Friendships don't come with expiry dates. The space for that is empty. It's up to you what date you put there, and you have the choice (or chance) to put nothing at all.

  10. Ummm.. yeah.. At least am saying yes...
    though in the rarest of cases.. the date of expiry may coincide with the day u choose to leave this world.. but dnt get ur hopes high.. they are the rarest of the cases...

  11. Errr... Flings do? Hehe!



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