03 January, 2009

Aunty in Arunachal: Part V

Joe: "That's my kid sister. She just broke up with her boyfriend and I was thinking about dropping her to law school."
Susan: "I'm sorry."
Joe: "No nothing to be sorry about. That's the way it is with men and women, isn't it?"
Susan: "What's the way?"
Joe: "Nothing lasts."
Susan: "Aah. Ya I agree."
Joe: "Really? Why?"
She looks surprised.
Joe: "No I'm interested."
Susan: "I was just trying to be agreeable."

Both start laughing.

Conversation between Joe Black (Brad Pitt) and Claire Forlani (Susan) in Meet Joe Black

"Was a long and dark December
From the rooftops I remember
There was snow
White snow…

If you love me won’t you let me know"

Violet Hill, Coldplay (they always manage to get it right somehow)


  1. http://www.cmi.ac.in/~amitprakash/?p=85 :P

    and yes its an awesome song :D

  2. happy to know ur watching those movies!! i have them and haven't seen a single one. place ur requests, i can get even more!!

  3. Haru: aha! you have been qouting it as well :)

    sleepwalker: has been dutifully done.



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