30 October, 2008

Diwali anyone?

I am the recluse
of this shadowy night
at home amongst
the whispering winds
amongst the crickets - their wings
rubbing against their legs.
The moths fluttering in blind wonder
the hidden inuendoes - so loud in their implications.
But don't hurl me against
the obligations of your lighted world
don't blind me by your laughter
rip through with your sanity
your impeccable logic -
so perfect so convincing.
Let me blunder through this darkness
the crumpled sky offering more comfort
than your feigned concern.
I bow in relief and joyous gratitude
as you turn away
leaving me to my darkness -
boisterous in its cacophony.

23 October, 2008

Of noses and toeses

There is nothing better
than a hand made wetter
by a dog's black juicy nose.

There is nothing sweeter
than a dog as a heater
in your bed, to warm your toes.

PS: Happy Diwali everyone! Hope the day finds you smiling : )

09 October, 2008

What if?

What if
After all this
We don’t make it?
All the inane laughter
Dissolves into hollow whispers
The banter falls into anonymity
Its character no longer a novelty
Conversations unable to pillar hopes.

What if?
After all this
My senses decide to
Shut down in boredom
The distances we began at
Become inexplicably difficult
To overcome in a single night
No matter how moonlit. Or long.

What if?
After all this
These turn out
To be mere castles
Conjured up by an idle
Mind with half baked bricks
And I remain too naïve to have learnt
That fresh beginnings shouldn’t smell so stale.


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