26 December, 2008

Aunty in Arunachal: The lost-for-words Part

PS (pre-script): What do you do when you
1. Want to drink Mami’s specialty extra-sweet very strong coffee,
2. Watch a mushy movie on HBO and
3. Are feeling lost after having completed an enjoyably long letter?

You go type out this ---- >

Its Christmas today. I am in Bomdila (West Kameng District, Arunachal Pradesh). It’s a township you would cross if you were traveling from Tezpur to Tawang. At an altitude of 8,500 feet, its pretty cold and foggy here. The place is delightfully peppered with bakeries, I am an ardent visitor of the closest one. The town also boasts of the only college of the district (in fact of District Tawang too). Ok enough of “bhoomika bandhna” in terms of geographical details. I had wanted to tell you about all the beautiful places I have been to in the past weeks, all the insane laughter and equally happy work I’ve been involved in, my nomadic life which forces me to have a new pillow to adjust to every other night and all the dogs I’ve petted, but something else catches my attention.

A good part of everyday finds me on the road, in the official gaadi – the rickety mehroom (that’s how our tailor pronounces maroon) Tata Sumo. Long car journeys are conducive to thinking (it can be of the inane, philosophical, silly or just plain tedious, worrisome kind). It had me looking down at my hands and wondering, “Clasped hands. Always clasped tightly together. Does that say something about me? Closed? Oh look at the white spots on my nails. When will I ever grow out of them? Since when did the lines on my hands become so criss-crossed? Am I worrying? Whoops, another landslide. Dust dust dust, roll up windows FAST. ” And so on. Some good music was crooning in my ears, a breathtaking scenery of ruby red rhododendrons and oaks clothed in fiery autumn colours greeted my eyes and my thoughts wandered off to very far off places like Delhi.

I was suddenly leafing through earlier Christmases and New Years, times when I was surrounded by people who I like to think of as mine (did I mention that I am a painfully possessive person and like to stake claim over people close to me?), and yet grumpy moods, irrational anger, plain stubbornness or just an evil disposition never let me be even remotely pleasant to them. Cancelled party plans, frowning foreheads, spiteful words, hot angry tears, mindless tantrums came to my mind. None of “my people” deserved that. Some luckier ones didn’t have their holidays spoiled by my bratty-ness, but I guess that reflects on their skills and not mine. But this year, as punishment (to me) and a blessing (to my people) for being unbelievably selfish in the holiday season, I am sitting thousands of miles away, missing you and hoping you have one hell of a holiday.

This is me attempting to thank all those people who have made me laugh this year (if you can make anyone smile, you have done your good deed for the day). This is me trying to acknowledge your presence in my life as a reason to smile in this tumultuous year when I enough to cry about. This is me telling you that you have, in your special subtle way, changed me (for the better?). This is me saying sorry and thank you in one jumbled blurt.

This is to:
The Family: Sho, Dids, Mama, Mami, Nana, dear Amma, Kishu and Sangu boy.
The Friends: Mimi, Maitreyi, Ashu and Roosi.
The Foe: Sopho

Thank you. May you all have a fun Christmas and a very happy New Year.


  1. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year for all the reasons :)

  2. Sopho2:39 am

    your posts are beginning to sound like letters. what have you been doing all this while?

    oh, i am mentioned as well. wait, is it good or bad? :|

  3. !!!! WISH YOU AND YOURS A SUPER 2009 !!!!

  4. Sopho: I would've written to you to tell you "what I have been doing all this while" but since acknowledging the arrival of letters is no longer fashionable, I gave up. Ha

    You ARE mentioned. That's GOT TO be bad.

  5. Have a great year ahead Chan! Your bouts of 'blah moods' are never taken too seriously by 'your' people. Hope you celebrate all your festivals next year with near and dear ones this year...
    'Lowe' you
    PS- This is exhibit Z: I DO read your blogs even from michi.

  6. AWWWW
    missed u immensely. u have no idea how much..
    may the year bring you all the happinees you deserve

  7. my lovely chandni
    enjoyed reading about your tawang days
    you write like a dream
    by the way my blog is www.lifentimesofshobhachaya.blogspot.com

  8. seriously ... what do you do?



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