19 November, 2008

Dhakdhaks and the like

We had an exam the next day. We were the last minute study and pass variety of people. Still, when he arrived at our door unexpected (as usual), urging us to “relax and have just one cup of coffee”, we agreed. The usual banter peppered our walk – kicking each other’s ankles, cribbing about the yet-to-be-discovered course, getting collectively enamoured by the stars. It was just another winter evening. Some incorrigible kids flirted with the fountain…its spray falling on us, specks of rainbow. She got up to get the coffee. I was scowling, nursing a bruised ankle, he sat, draped over his chair, smirking at my frown through those adorably crooked teeth. And then he slid across the table, this sheet of paper. White. Just one fold cutting across the middle. His sloping graphite letters falling over themselves. A letter? He asked me to keep it to myself, just this once, not to share what he had written with her. I didn’t.

8 December 2006

I have piano keys falling all over me.

“Freezing moments a little bit longer…”
‘Time Stand Still"

Drums have followed and now chords sing their turn. All this while a shy guy awaits his turn to a million heartbeats…only this time…shared dhakdhaks.

Shyness, ma’am is trying so hard to try and not flatter you. At one point, you know, I have stopped trying to overload this feeling of being…so…aware of you. What you should not do is let me get into unchartered territory. What you should do is let me let you to let me doubt and re-think and retrace and fumble and slip a million times over something so unfound that my feet don’t touch the ground anymore. What you should do is let me flatter myself over you, to sleep a deep sleep without you, to free float on a daydream lighter than you…

I rest heartbeats while talking to you, you know? I am so much of a heart in my mouth…I am such a needy eye contact with you. I am a needless shimmer of hope with you in me.

You are my spine tingler, my hair stand-up artist. You are the prettiest reason I can think of. You are the most beautiful spare I can get. You are the shortest distance between any points I make.

And the worst part is that I made me rich…grand…giving away the millions that you are to me at the cost of the charity that we do to each other.

Thankyou for making me feel selfish about you.

Yours if…


  1. wow.. i didn't think one could write non-mushy letters of love

  2. Ya. And the last line...a perfect end to such a beautiful letter. :)

  3. I dint understand it !
    not only did the content go over my head, I dint even understand who the letter was from and to whome ! approximately even

  4. The lesson was learnt and the moral of the story was imbibed :)



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