30 November, 2008

Aunty in Arunachal: Part I

Tawang \ तवांग \ - proper noun
Administrative district in Arunachal Pradesh, a north-eastern state in India

Everyone is tired of my setting off to places. Friends don't make plans which include me any longer. The family celebrates Chandni-less birthdays and festivals. Colleagues shrug their shoulders while I agonize over the details of my tour plans. Everyone is jaded. I? Grinning in that loony way which means I'm awfully excited and rather unsure if I've packed properly.

This time its going to be the eastern end of the country, Arunachal to be precise. Tawang and Bomdila if you want the geographical details. I seem to have a knack for going off to places that are not the safest and that too at the most unsure times. (Don't get me started on unsure times...here is a better place to learn of that).

Please ignore the extremely poor map quality. I don't have the time, I am (much to my chargin and frankly, disbelief) technically challenged and I don't think you even care. So. PS: I DID NOT make that obnoxious green arrow signifying Tawang. When I saw it I found it hilarious. The arrow is bigger than Bhutan for godssake!

Anyway, since its going to be a month long extravaganza, a blog hiatus is an unfortunate side effect (which I will try to overcome, mostly for my own sake).

Have a good Christmas. And don't forget that smile.
Chandni (who else?)


  1. Arunachal must be beautiful! I went to sikkim this year, and it was great! Arunachal, I guess, would be awesome!

    Have a great trip! :)

  2. yar i m geting jealous of you. take me in your organisation.

  3. hopefully it wont be rainy or cold or both in winter :) hf

  4. I see Bhutan over there. Bhutan. BHUTAN.


  5. am Jealous, with a very big J... i wish i cud travel even half as much as you do.. :sigh:

  6. Hi,

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  7. chandni-less festivals? thats like diwali na? :P

    chill re.. we know you're working, enjoying that solitude too otherwise. No? hope to see you back soon and in a goody goody mood. how about some pics in the arunachali attire now? ;-)

    as usual, am jealous of your escapades. news btw is that I could be off to Calgary in a lil time ;-)

  8. I also want!


    Fine. Fine. Have fun. :)

  9. Abhi: Yes it is! It overwhelms me that our country has such capacity to fascinate :) The north-east has by far been the most spectacular.

    Cartoon: Aa ja yaar. I can really (seriously) imagine you doing this work.

    Haru: Kya wet blanket (and realistic) aadmi ho. Yup its way too cold for habitation here. I am in a constant state of brrrr. But the rest (which shall be dealt in a post hopefully) overshadows the weather.

    Marvin: Woweee you can see! Congratulations!!! Yup Bhutan isn't too far. One village I have to visit is on the Bhutan border. So DO let me know where you were staying. I have, errr... forgotten :|

    Alien: Don't be jealous...you've got holidays coming up na just go somewhere :)

    Navneet: Come on man. I spend 50 bucks in a seedy cyber cafe trying to fight a slow connection and send some mail with frozen fingers and hopefully update my blog and I come across a certain you spamming me. Gawd.

    Prasoon: Aha international travelling and all :D Good good. Your obsession with pics is praiseworthy!! Chandni-less festivals = christmas AND New Year :| But then what's better than a white christmas :D Don't worry I am all grins. You have fun.

    JD: Thankyou thankyou.



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