09 October, 2008

What if?

What if
After all this
We don’t make it?
All the inane laughter
Dissolves into hollow whispers
The banter falls into anonymity
Its character no longer a novelty
Conversations unable to pillar hopes.

What if?
After all this
My senses decide to
Shut down in boredom
The distances we began at
Become inexplicably difficult
To overcome in a single night
No matter how moonlit. Or long.

What if?
After all this
These turn out
To be mere castles
Conjured up by an idle
Mind with half baked bricks
And I remain too naïve to have learnt
That fresh beginnings shouldn’t smell so stale.


  1. Commenting Poet6:30 pm

    What if
    The fears you have were shared?
    And the apprehension, even more palpable,
    Denies them the happiness, however short lived?

    What if
    It's not continuation they should seek;
    But the ecstasy, in bursts, shared by whispers
    That has somehow assumed the guise of novelty?

    What if
    It's the familiarity of past associations
    That has seemed so comforting and has, so far,
    Managed to elude all the fixed notions they wish to adhere to?

    What if?

  2. Anonymous10:27 am

    What if
    You are on the other side of mirror, while he ripples in reflections?
    The touch, the sharing, the feel all orchestrated?

    What if
    The life lines are written backside front?
    The distances of eternity be covered in a night while?

    What if
    The dreams, the castles, the baked bricks, the stick homes just a bait?
    The bigger weeping gory in the horizon?

    What if
    You open your soothing eyes, wrinkled with torrid dreams and find him in tears?
    To embrace all that was fresh and all that was fresh!

  3. What if I had not visited this poem at all?

    I enjoyed reading this one!
    Neat structuring, and a very very evocative, bitter sweet feel to it!

  4. very nice indeed...I enjoyed reading that, and I liked the structuring too :)

    I hope it all works out :)

  5. What if....I was a poet?

    I'm not. So I won't try my hand at poetry here and just say that this made for very good reading :)

  6. all my doubts put into words.. kind of freaky.. very well written.. :)

    p.s. how come i don't c u on my blog now a days? btw logged into my orkut account after ages .. thanks for the birthday wishes.. ya.. phone wasn't functioning that time...

  7. Marvin1:32 am

    Kaafi achcha likha hai. I swear.

    I usually fail to comprehend your poems. This one was an exception though.

  8. commenting poet: Answering questions with more questions?

    anon: Extremely pretty poetry. thanks

    usha: Nice seeing you here :)

    psmith, piper: glad you guys liked it.

    marvin: Congratulations your levels of comprehension have touched new heights! Understanding poetry is almost like appreciating music. You needn't always understand the lyrics to enjoy it. Whoa way too philo :P But as I told you earlier I found the "counter poem" more interesting.

    nive: Not being seen on your blog because a) I wasn't in Delhi for the past few months and b) I had no access to the net.

  9. which the heck one?
    there are two of them over here
    both very different in tones

  10. The one I called a counter poem uncle:- the first one (you make me spell out EVERYthing).



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