23 October, 2008

Of noses and toeses

There is nothing better
than a hand made wetter
by a dog's black juicy nose.

There is nothing sweeter
than a dog as a heater
in your bed, to warm your toes.

PS: Happy Diwali everyone! Hope the day finds you smiling : )


  1. Anonymous11:11 pm

    Ahh... The dogs again!

    hope you get a dozen of dogs as gifts! If you fall short remind me ;)

  2. :) Dog-lover.. :) How I am yearning to keep one for a pet.. :)

  3. Should I say, muah ha ha?

  4. Oh dear, I think I should!


  5. juicy? never thought of it quite that way.. ha ha...

  6. Anon: Nah didn't get a single one. So much for Diwali and gifts and all that jazz.

    Marvin: Just because some idiots get to spend their holidays with their missplet pets doesn't mean they should gloat over less fortunate ones.

    Nive: This Diwali Shobha surprised me with her adopted kitten. NOW I know why you're bonkers over them. Inspite of all the clawing, their playfullness is terribly endearing :)

  7. a kitten? that is so cool...glad u have positive feelings for cats.. but i wudn't expect u to feel otherwise..knowing u, u'd probably kiss a croc on its snout.. he he... send me pics if u have any...btw the punctuation thing is just the tip of the iceberg.. wudn't want to let the cat out of the bag though... some things are best left unsaid..wats life widout a secret? :)



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