30 October, 2008

Diwali anyone?

I am the recluse
of this shadowy night
at home amongst
the whispering winds
amongst the crickets - their wings
rubbing against their legs.
The moths fluttering in blind wonder
the hidden inuendoes - so loud in their implications.
But don't hurl me against
the obligations of your lighted world
don't blind me by your laughter
rip through with your sanity
your impeccable logic -
so perfect so convincing.
Let me blunder through this darkness
the crumpled sky offering more comfort
than your feigned concern.
I bow in relief and joyous gratitude
as you turn away
leaving me to my darkness -
boisterous in its cacophony.


  1. This comment has been removed by the author.

  2. How interesting, Miss Banter, that this time, its not just I
    Who finds no way to respond to this, except with a soft gentle sigh.

    Well written. To say anything else would be, as Wooster calls it, bootless.

  3. soft gentle sigh? Man that's dramatic.

  4. fuck. sounds even more so now that you've pointed it out. ah hell, I must stop trying my hand at poetry. get carried away.

  5. I've made you wriggle,
    Over your sighing squiggle,
    And gone on a laughing spree.

    So why don't you try,
    To sing and not sigh,
    Go on write out some poetry.

    : )



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