26 August, 2008

Convolutions. Contradictions.

Distance makes the heart grow fonder.

Out of sight out of mind.


  1. Which one came true in your case, Chandni ji? :)

    p.s. Might you be referring some guy, btw? :P

  2. Its all relative... depends upon the person in question..
    ok.. i tried writing generally.. got too confused :P
    so we shall tak an example... :P
    a guy P.. two other people.. Q and R...
    Distance would do different things to P depending upon how he feels for Q and R... in one case it might make him yearn for more... or as you stated... out of sight out of mind...

  3. none is true... distance just brings clarity of thought.. it cud become clear to u that the heart is growing fonder or that "i miss you" is a farce...

  4. N or M?

    c.f. - agatha christie knows.

  5. Abhi: I was referring to no one in particular. Its just an observation on the lines of:

    "Too many cooks spoil the broth"
    "The more the merrier"

    Alien: Ha ha that's one crazy explanation...but ya I got your point through the Ps and Qs :P

    niv: budday girl!!! Its interesting to see how everyone is treating this post as a question. I just stated two contradictory statements :)

  6. marvin: not read that one (ehm ehm ideas for a gift to me...) :P

  7. Marvin12:41 pm

    actually it's just the name that matters. i'll bet if you attention closely, you'll get it.

    but if you don't get the hint, no harm done.

  8. *Aaahh of course*

  9. you are all wrong!

    it depends purely on the Pythagorean theorem.. ;-D

  10. manu: of all the theorems, PYTHAGOREAN? :|

  11. yea, its very simple.

    a = man 1

    b = woman 1

    c = the other man/woman

    if a^2 + b^2 > c^2
    then distance makes heart go fonder

    if a^2 + b^2 < c^2
    then out of sight = out of mind

    if a^2 + b^2 = c^2 !!!!!!!!!!!
    then you have a bollywood movie. contact me. we can talk terms.

  12. quabbling roomie?
    someone you borrowed moolah off?

  13. wise men think alike
    fools seldom differ

  14. Woh toh absence hota hai... right?

    Oh and thank you... for getting the post 'Purple' and getting why it was labeled as poetry :)

  15. manu: talking of movies...if you want me asscoiated with it, the story better not be hinged on mathematical might.

    haru: If I said a forgotten friend no one would believe me. So I'll stick with the moolah stealer line.

    Magiceye: There. Someone gets the game :)

    JD: Oyeee good seeing you back. The post after purple was rather under the weather. Hope you're back to grinning :)



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