17 August, 2008

Awwwwww _ _ _

I had been causing him excessive mental exertion, holding him hostage to a phone conversation he didn't want to be a part of, moaning about my physical exhaustion and discussing weird gastroenteric abnormalities. In my defence I was in this never ending journey [Leh to Delhi - don't ask how/why I was in Leh...recounting a month and a half of excessive activity (new job, travel travel travel, work, office gossip, new sights and people) is too much even for me]. And he is such a bully-able person that its infinitely amusing to bug him.

So here I was in an HRTC bus (Himachal Road Transport Corporation)...no not the recline-on-your-seat-watch-a-bad-print-ka-movie Volvos, I had the luxury of inhabiting the rickety squeaky khatara kind which vibrate in an obscene manner anytime the speedometer hits anything above 30, the kind you certainly don't want to be in when you've just learnt that your innocent little journey of 11 hours has metamorphosed into a 26 hour monstrosity. The interesting thing was I was sitting with a Spaniard (heh heh heh) - who nearly reached the roof of the bus - mere mortals like me barely reached his little toe. He turned out to be a diver (wow), photographer (yum) and ship propeller cleaner (there are such jobs?). He found my English "grand" (I swear it sounded sweeter in his toe-curling accent), the Bikaner peanuts "too spicey - you people are very brave to eat so many many chilly" and Dairymilk "mmmmm". And and and he was a MAJOR animal lover. I shall call him D.

In spite of all the stops and potholes, the cramped backs and squished toes, the inexcusably bratty kids and wailing infants, the decked up bride, who, it was a miracle wasn't baked in her sequined saree, the boy-man who couldn't stop playing "do you wanna partner" on loudspeaker on his phone, the journey wasn't a complete disaster. I guess it was the utterly challenging and entertaining task of carrying on two utterly opposite conversations that did the trick:

1) Describing D telephonically to my now very alert fone frand in very unflattering Hindi so that D wouldn't understand I was talking about him. "Woh bahut lamba hai. Topi bhi pehni hai. Lambe baal hain. Daadi bhi hai. Haan haan baal kaatwaane chahiye."

2) "Chandi (that's the best the Spaniard could pronounce my name) you really talk a lot on the phone. You have the pink pathera (pathera!!!) as your wallpaper. You must like animals a lot." How can you keep a straight face to that?

And so after a harrowing 26 hours I was ushered into Dilli sheher by the welcoming odour of the landfills near ISBT. Trust me at 6 am, you don't want your exhausted senses to be plundered by smells of that excrutiating intensity. I lugged my the as-tall-as-I rucksack to an autowalla. Suddenly I was engulfed in a pair of very long arms. The Spaniard was giving the dishevelled girl a bone-crushing hug. Sudden acts of unbridled affection can really throw you off balance. Especially when you havn't bathed for 3 days and someone who you thought didn't know you were a skunk in disguise suddenly hugs you. Sitting in the auto with the already stale air of Delhi hitting my tired eyes all I could think of was the number of times I'd felt too shy to hug people that I'd wanted to. Trust a stranger to put things into perspective. The not-a-stranger fone frand was informed that I'd touched still ground. I like to imagine that he sighed in relief.

In short I'm back. Not with a bang. Ok in a huff and a phew if you insist on sounds.


  1. Stranger Fone Frand2:37 am

    I knew it. I knew it. I knew the Spaniard had a thing for you. AND he lives in Madrid. I am assured of a free vacation now. I am assuming you have not lost the email you got from him. All that needs to be done is initiation of a chain of emails and letters.

    Oh btw, you NEED to mention his name in the cryptic fone-frand-talk and see if anyone is bright enough to figure it out.

    I won't even try to decry the physical exhaustion (and the mental one I had to endure) you went through. It's all a part of the bigger scheme. And currently that includes a mega yagna to ward of the evil spirits in your life.

    Till next time the roadways bus hits a roadblock.

  2. hey how was ladakh. I always wanted to go there but never had a chance.
    can I join your company ;)

  3. long phone conversations and chandni... didn't know i wud live to witness the occurrence of this phenomenon...he he.. so u working now? where?

    p.s. hate hugs... even from closest frenz/mother/grandma etc etc (so i can't even begin to understand this post.. he he

  4. Had a thing for me? Yeh bakwaas inference kahan se nikaal li? You won't believe it (actually you would what with my awesome luck these days) but I lost the damn chit I wrote his id on. So much for all the post-its I keep in my wallet and forget about at crucial make-it-or-break-it-to-madrid-moments.

    Another roadblock seems highly likely what with a trip to Joshimath threatening to engulf me at the end of this month :P

    cartoon: ladakh was a dream..u'll toh love it am sure. Will send pics as when they are renamed and uploaded. Arre I heard our convocation is in Nov...True/False?

    nive: I swear this was a first. And u and hugs..hell I remember that. You used to cringe from b'day wishes and songs too ha ha. For work update check mail :)

  5. and unfortunately i haven't changed a bit...dreading the coming sunday... ugh... b'days are just sad.. good excuse to get drunk though..:D btw didn't get any mail....

  6. convo. thing is true i guess
    Also. I went to Joshimath, Vishnupryag, Badrinath last week. Beautiful places. Amaizing mountains and clouds. loved it. but a very long and breaking journey. lekin, worth it ;)
    PS. there in vishnupryag is a hydro power station which u must surely pay a visit.

  7. cartoon: abbe i should tips from you..may go to joshimath, chamoli and uttarkashi..:D

  8. Man I can't tell you how much envy you fill me with every time you come up with these travelogues of yours...its rather unnfair

  9. Man I can't tell you how much I love gloating :D



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