30 July, 2008

Moonwashed mayhem

The moon. 12:30 am, 15th July 08, Keylong.

The moon is looking splendid today
Beautiful enough to inspire poetry
Pale enough to evoke tears
Misshapen in her thoughts
Beaten into pockmarks
She’s almost shy
Peeping over the seven peaks
Her light irons a furrowed brow
The stars twinkle their bedtime tales.


  1. dreamy....


  2. Marvin2:09 am

    Kandikhal. Circa 2006.

  3. you know it11:07 am

    Hey chandrakanta how are u budday

    here is something for u

    Despair’s chill may strike so thoroughly that one would consider self-incision to expel a frozen heart and make it feel again, albeit in a burning hell. However, the mere brush of an extremity by a compassionate other may suffice for consolation, exhuming warmth so acute that it penetrates all to melt and flow again in an acquiescent rhythm.

    tell me what u learn outta it lol

  4. Enchanting :)

    Have been away from blogspot for far too long!

    Your lines remind me of something I told my friend one day - The moon looks so distorted. And he thought I was depressed :)

  5. And she fades away into the morn,
    With all the pains forlorn,
    Into the shiny needle shapen dew- drops!

  6. I've been away from this place way too long...will reply to you all at leisure. At 90/- an hour in a silly netcafe I am not in the financial or mental situation to blog :D

    anyway take care :)



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