23 July, 2008

Midnight madness

The moon. 11:30 pm, 11th July, Keylong.

She lies blanketed
in her bed of clouds
She gasps at her silver halo,
Will her sins show up in the light?
The mighty rock yearns to meet her
to kiss her glow, pierce her solitude
he heaves under her cool caresses
glistening in the breath of her dew.


  1. Beautiful...

    The Moon over Keylong - must be splendid... so exotic for me, it gives me a sweet sad yearning for places I'll probably never visit...

    Just beautiful...

  2. Where are you?

    Wherever that maybe- The airs effervescence shook you, for the better.

  3. Something about the ankles.

  4. Keylong....on the Manali Leh highway ?
    a splendid place if you can get away from the main town a bit......Lucky you.

    Its a splendid road that one....full of ever changing exotic scenery and character...I just adoore the BRO boards with quotes. I always felt a little patriotic when I read them, the massive undertaking, the harsh terrain (I cycled half way down that road once, before I fell ill on the way up baralachala, so gave up in Sarchu) and the irony of naming such a thing Project Himank....the bare bones of civilization, the electricity lines passing over remote high passes.....some government electrical engineer passed this way once. a strangely comforting thought. you must have the jalebis and tea the army serve for free on khardungla (if you're going to leh and then on to the Nubra valley)

    but Ive rambled on enough. my first visit in ages....lovely words as usual. good to see :)

  5. Psmith: Ya that Kelong :) about the BRO signs...I actually noted some down: "Safety on roads is safe tea at home." You cycled till Sarchu? Wow and I used to look at the cyclists and wonder at them. Yeah went all the way to Leh (Taglangla is utterly breathtaking...was snowing there on my way back). Most fascinating was the fact that people sit atop places like Zingzingbar and Pang make food!!! Its crazy



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