02 July, 2008

Illicit Affair

She held onto it

like a breath

jealousy and innocence


of a secret

splendidly silent

she stashed it away

a prized token.

And in moments

of weakness

she'd unfold

its papery prison

tempation the harness

she'd wonder at its

glittering charm

the evil joys

it promised.

And suddenly almost guiltily

she'd cover it again

for isn't a memory

best left where it began?


  1. Wowie !!!! :) This is SUPERB !!! :)
    The lines had me gripped in a still suspense !!! And the conclusion is breathtaking! :)

    Lovely !! :)

  2. Memories... if only I could do what is 'best'. Hmmmmm... this is beautiful... for it evokes so much... so much more than it should.

  3. Its always good to leave a memory where it begun, for life always has a tendency to move on.
    But leaving a memory where it begun, it seldom is possible.

  4. Ever thought why God made our memories volatile... so that we move on :)

    well written :)

  5. beautifully written to enhance the sweetness of an illicit affair!

  6. I've gone through this thing 5 or 6 times now. And I know that I either understand every word or I don't understand anything.

    But there's no way to be sure.

  7. i an't say why, but it made me smile. wow.

  8. Its so simple and beautiful... each word conveying so much... awesome...



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